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Millennium War's competitive mode is inspired by the popular MOBA games but adjusted to be one of a kind as a board game.  You don’t win by speed and accuracy, or control of your keyboard, but by how you think and plan your strategy with a combination of choices. Similar to Chess but way more fun. Whether crushing your enemies with extreme power, trapping them with self-destruct explosives, and sacrificing one of your hero for a few of theirs, brain controlling enemy hero's or even switching positions, there are endless ways to gain a strategic advantage. Build combos with 35 special Millennium Hero's and their endless combinations of weapons and spells.

In contrast to the swift pace of Competitive mode is the journey to the Millennium world in Cooperative mode, where players must work together to defeat Millennium Bosses. Each Boss presents a unique way of attack and has its own topography that’ll require the entire team to solve the puzzle to defeat the powerful Boss.

The game offers countless excitement, it’s fun and full of surprises, easy to play, and tracks gameplay because of uniquely designed and patented smart dials, dealer shoes, hero cards, and icons. Offering a supporting website featuring hero skills diagrams for easy learning, along with in-depth character design inspired by world cultures and game mechanics. The game miniatures are lovingly made with highly detailed craftsmanship by talented artists from around the world. They also magnetically attach to the smart dial.



Download the rulebook here. Available in English



Players go head to head battle to win the Millennium War


Explore the shadow realm and work together to defeat Millennium Bosses

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