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The Millennium War Legacy

We have expressed this before, but we must show our gratitude to those that have backed us. Your support and trust in this project are paramount to our success. We cannot thank you enough.

Unfortunately, we encountered technical issues with the Kickstarter notification system. Our 2.5K followers didn’t get the correct Kickstarter campaign page and/or missed the notifications. This resulted in our campaign missed opportunities and loss of momentum to reach our projected goal and true potential.

It is with a heavy heart that we must cancel this campaign. We will relaunch soon! This is a journey and not the end.

Throughout this journey, we’ve created a family and community where everyone is supportive. We’ve met many great people who supported us through our tough challenges. It is because of you, that we must thrive to develop a better quality product.

We’ve gotten extensive honest and valuable input from well-known game reviewers (Jan & Devon from Quackalope, Chris from Liege of Games, King of Average, etc...), professional testers. That could only mean one thing, the next version will be better. Your constructive criticism will help shape the next phase of our development. We will deliver a more refined product and revise the campaign structure for a better success rate.

We appreciate everyone’s input and want you to know we are listening.

Millennium Gate will open again we hope to see you in The Millennium War LEGACY.

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