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Commonly asked questions


Q: The rules say that all heroes must have a different affinity (exc. master heroes). Does this mean heroes on the same team, or all heroes? (i.e. among the eight heroes will there be one of each affinity plus two masters; or, could there be heroes of the same affinity on different teams?)

A: The picking rule is your team of heroes has to be different in element(affinity) and one master hero per team. you can't have the same elemental hero twice in a team, but your opponent can have the same elementals (affinities) as your heroes.



Q: When drawing - do you draw all three/five cards before looking at them, or can you draw one by one and choose which side of the shoe to draw from after looking?

A: You draw 3/5 and then look after, meaning you have to decide on how many cards you want to draw from both sides of the dealer before drawing it.


Q: Can you discard weapons from your weapons shop/spells from your inventory at any time if you want to replace them with something better?

A: Yes, you can discard weapons/spells at any time from your hero inventory or shop if something better comes up.


Q: Is it true that there would never be a reason to discard mana cards until your master hero is eliminated?

A: Yes, that is true.


Q: Do master weapons have to be built starting with the 1, then the 2, then the 3 - or can they be built in any order?

A: No, as long as they have the same color code, they can be built in any order.


Q: Are all spells are defensive in nature and activate only when a hero carrying one is attacked?

A: Yes, spells are defensive (passive) and can only be activated when an enemy hero (Or Boss in cooperative mode) attacks the equipped hero.

Q: Are spells discarded after use?

A: Yes, spells are discarded after use. They are one-time use.

Q: To clarify: a hero must play a spell at the first valid opportunity (i.e. if a weak attack is launched, the spell must be spent and cannot be saved up until later)

A:  That is correct!  Any attack damage from an enemy hero, even if it's 0, can trigger the spell.

Q: If a hero has two spells, are both of them used at the first opportunity? Or does the hero choose which to use?

A: If a hero has 2 spells, the hero can choose which one to activate.

Q: Do spells only trigger when the hero is attacked using the 'attack' step of the turn? Or can a spell trigger when the hero is targeted with a hero skill or weapon skill?

A: Only attack damage will activate the spell. If the hero is targeted with skills non relate to attack damage like brain control, sleep, drain HP, etc... The spell won't be activated.



Q: If Narges spends two fire mana to activate this skill, does it increase Narges' damage dealt in the attack by 2 permanently for the rest of the game?

A: That is correct! She will increase her attack damage by 2 permanently.


Q: How do you keep track that you've used it? Just click the attack value up on the dial and remember not to use it again? (Or can it be used again?)

A: That is correct, You keep track by adjusting the dial, by adding value to remember. It can be used again as long as you have manas for it.



Q: Can default attack, defense, and HP over numbers on the dial

A: There are max default (permanent) stats (it is set by the limitation of the dial). You can't go over that number. However, for temporary increasing, it is allowed ( eg: temporarily increases attack or defense or double damage, etc...)



Q: Section K says the mythical beast's counterattack as soon as you initiate the attack. Does this mean the beast attacks first, then the hero attacks? (i.e. if the hero dies in the counterattack, then the hero doesn't get to attack the beast?) Or is it simultaneous (both could die in the same battle) or the other order?

A: It happens simultaneously and both could die in the same battle.


Q: How does the 'beast reward' on Level 2 beast interact with putting the beasts in the 'beast sanctuary' for the win condition? Do you permanently get the beast's ability once it's in the sanctuary (i.e. collecting the beast both gives you new power and takes you towards your win condition)? Or do you have to discard a beast token to use its power?

A: You will first get the reward (or use it) at the moment your hero kills the beast before you place it in the sanctuary for a win condition.


Q: To confirm the turn sequence: when it is the "sin hero's turn", do both sin heroes act, or only one? Does each hero act separately (i.e. each hero draws its own five cards useable only by that hero), or are five cards drawn and shared between the two heroes?

A: When its Sin heroes turn. Both Sin heroes will act separately. Each hero draws it owns 5 cards useable only by that hero. Except for Weapon cards store in the shop can be traded if the heroes stand within range of each other.

Q:  Does a boss turn resolve the same way as a hero turn - i.e. move, skill and attack (where move and skill are dictated by the AI card and attack is dictated by the stats on the gold-bordeded boss card?) Or is the effect printed on the AI card considered an attack

A: We consider "skill" as an attack at the moment, but besides the "skill" attack, Boss does have "default" attack damage within range. The sequence goes from move then attack (both skill and default attack simultaneously).

Q: I'm assuming that the hero spells resolve only when suffering an 'attack' as per competitive mode, so I need to distinguish skill from attack.

A: Right now, both skill and default attack are considered as an attack. So spell will be activated either way.

Q: The Demica 'Hunt' cards increase the boss's attack and defense. Do you increase this on both of the dials, or only on the currently active health dial?

A: The increasing power only on the active health dial.

Q: Is trading a weapon a free action? Or does it count as a skill?

A: Trading is a free action.

Q: Do level 2 beasts ever get added to the co-op board, or do you just face the level 1 beasts?

A: Yes they do, but normally game ends before the lvl2 beasts come in.

Q: When you spend an ancient to reincarnate, does the hero return to its starting space with full health? Does it lose any spells/weapons/mana it has?

A: No, heroes keep everything. Their health is restored to full HP and they will be returned to their starting points.

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