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Winged Titan follows the standard Kickstarter terms for refund. This means that we will provide a full refund if the request is received within 14 days from the end of the campaign. Any request made after this period will be at the discretion of Winged Titan and will be a maximum of 90% of the pledge cost due to Kickstarter and card fees already paid by Winged Titan.


If you fail to accept your package when it is delivered we will not issue a refund for the cost of the pledge.



We guarantee that the packages you receive from us will be complete and include all the items in perfect condition. We will replace any missing or serve damaged items. In the case of minor cosmetic damage to external boxes replacement will be decided on a case by case basis.



We use CrowdOx as a pledge manager. You will be required to fill a survey on that platform. We will send out several emails and updates notifying you of the deadline to fill the survey. If you do not fill out the survey by this deadline after notifications have been sent, we may not be able to send you your pledge.



We will keep testing and developing the game until it’s as close to perfect as possible. Due to this and potential improvements suggested by the factory the final product may be different from the prototype shown on this page. By pledging to this project you acknowledge that the final game may be different from that presented in this Kickstarter campaign. Although Winged Titan will make every effort to keep the final game as close to the Kickstarter project as possible and only make changes to improve the game. Winged Titan will inform backers of the major changes and reasons for such changes.

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